Artist BiographyJudy Jing Pang is a Southern California-based Chinese-American artist specializing in oil painting.  Pang's works harken back to the classical paintings of the Renaissance Era, melded with her own  contemporary twist that is rooted in mythology, lore, and fantasy. 

 She studied at Pasadena Art Center for more than five years and has hand-painted copies of  numerous works from classical oil-painting 
 masters such as William-Adolph Bouguereau, Peter Paul Rubens, and Ilya Yefimovich Repin.

 "Every time I paint, I lose myself in the process,” Judy Pang reflects, “With every brush stroke, I feel  as though I am communing with an ancient force, a primordial artist's muse that lives within me."

After establishing Judy Jing Pang Art Studio (JJP Art Studio), Judy opened her own gallery called JJP Gallery, which is located in the city of Ontario.

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